From Broken Bow, take 259 north to Hochotown. Exit 259 onto 259A at the 1st sign for Beavers Bend State Park (at the Wildlife Museum). You are now on 259A South Park Road. Go 2.0 miles to entrance to Beavers Bend Village and the road will begin to enter a sharp left elbow turn (after Casa Bodega and Broken Boot cabins). On the turn, you will make a right turn into Beavers Bend Village on Bobber Road, proceed to the 4-way stop. Turn left onto Turtle Run. Turtle Run is the last marked road. At the "T" make a left turn onto a road that circles around this development (Slip Shot Circle). The road will turn right, proceed up the hill and down the hill, then turn right again. Turn right with the road and take the next left turn. This is Treblehook Road. If you pass Bucky’s Blind cabin on your left, you missed the turn. Follow Treblehook until the road ends at a gated entrance. You will be on blacktop pavement. A key pad is on your left. Lake Mountain Cabins will give you access. Gate will open, proceed downhill, over a narrow passage at base of hill, then veer left uphill to parking area. Wildhorse Lodge is on your left.

CAUTION, please drive slow over the bottom of the hill for the passage is narrow and down shift when proceeding up the hill to the Lodge property